Revenue Growth Handbook

Drive Revenue Growth By Fixing Your Sales Development Strategy

What every Head of Sales Development, CEO, COO, CRO, and CMO should know about #1 reason for missed revenue targets, and how to fix it.

Handbook for Driving Revenue Growth

Two trends that spell real trouble for B2B companies going forward:

  • The cost of new customer acquisition is growing by 12% or more each year.
  • At the same time, 80% of B2B customers are changing vendors in less than two years.

The way we currently develop new business and build sales pipeline is completely wrong, and will increasingly result in costs rising faster than revenues.

To fix that, Heads of Sales Development, CEOs, COOs, CROs, and CMOs must change the way they think of their revenue chain—from lead generation through sales development and conversion to revenues.

Here is a handbook to help you redesign your revenue chain to drive consistent and profitable revenue growth.

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