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 The Unmatchable ROI of Educating B2B Buyers

Dollar for dollar, educating B2B buyers returns the highest revenue growth rate compared to any other sales and marketing spend.

What makes up B2B buyers today is drastically more complex than anytime before.

  1. Traditional segmentation by demographics—industry, company type and size, and buyer role. This is as easy as it gets. From there, it gets more complex:
  2. Psychographic characteristics--is this a visionary, pragmatic, or conservative VP of Sales for example?
  3. Generational differences—Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millenials are all decision makers now—many in the same company.
  4. Stage in readiness—prospective buyers that are ready to buy and are actively searching, versus those that are exploring, versus those that don't even have an inkling.

How do you manage all this complexity and generate highly motivated, Conversation Ready Leads for your sales reps?

Download this paper and find out how.

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